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04/06/2013 - 達拉斯台灣婦 女會(DTWA年會與聚餐

時 間: 04/06/2013  星期六 中午 11:30 PM
地點: Japan House
Location and Address: Japan House  300 W. Plano Pkwy.
Plano, TX 75075
Telephone Number: 972-633-8000
Cost: $20.00

台灣婦女會 (DTWA) 誠摯的邀請您來參加 2013 年會與聚餐,請大家預留時間,多謝大家.

Doctor Clement Hsu 許清曉 will give us a very interesting seminar ""養生" --食品、咖啡、維他命 D  etc....."   相信大家都會有興趣聽聽.



10/20/2012 - 2012 Dallas Komen Race for Cure -- (pictures)

達拉斯台灣婦女會(DTWA)recently accepted the challenge to form the Team Taiwan and raise funds to support the Dallas County Affiliate of Susan G. Komen® in its efforts to end breast cancer forever. We will also take part in the 2012 Komen Dallas Race for the Cure® set for Saturday, October 20th with information below.

NorthPark Center at 8:00 AM

Please register online at

03/17/2012 達拉斯台灣婦女會 (DTWA)年 會與聚餐 -- (pictures)

時間:317 上午1145
地點Japan house
Location and Address: Japan House  300 W. Plano Pkwy.
Plano, TX 75075
Telephone Number: 972-633-8000
Cost: $20.00


11/12/2011 - Year end party
時間:1112 上午1140
地點:Japan house
Location and Address: Japan House  300 W. Plano Pkwy.
Plano, TX 75075

10/15/2011 - 2011 Dallas Komen Race for Cure
Join Team Taiwan for 2011 Dallas Komen Race of Cure on Oct. 15th
Registration deadline: Sunday, October 9, 2011 at 11:59 PM.

The link below will direct you to the Komen website:
Please search for Team Taiwan, then find Team Taiwan name, click Join team. Following the instruction to register. 

6/12/2011 - Father's day Lunch
六 月裡,美國有個偉大的節日,我們DTWA要 特別來慶賀天下的父能 擁有應該被愛擁抱的週末。期待們 的出現,我們定於六月121130分, 在明珠姐的府上pot luck, 我們也找到了特別的講員翁思惠牧師,在 他離別前要給我們一個臨別贈言,我 們會談談我們人生中的究極關懷和下個人生規劃。
我 們敬愛的會長幸美牧師娘將離開我們搬去加州,驪歌 響起,離別依依,她不能向大家一一辭行道謝但 願大家多珍重,以後可用Email常常與她聯絡
June 12
7608 Cliffbrook Dr. Dallas TX 75254

Time 1130 AM to 3:15 PM
Phone #
尋問Direction 明珠 214-223-2711
詳 細細節:Helen 972-965-7912
                    Linda   972-234-1636

- Mother's day Lunch
時 間: 05/07/2011  星期六 中午 12:30 PM
地點:  Davis Library Program room.
   7501 Independence Pkwy # B
   Plano, TX 75025 (972-208-8000
目地: 為招待 有特殊小孩的 媽媽們,或是單親的母親們來享受午餐,為她們加油、加菜。 其他 人每戶一道菜,若是你沒有時間來煮菜,婦女會可以幫你來叫菜,請 先告知。 Email 或電話都可以 972-922-5255.
若是想要學習電腦的媽媽們,請報名,我們有老師來 教,是免 費 的學習,請把握機會。可以2-3人,小班教學,分程度上課,但是要帶你們的手提筆記型電腦。上 課時間再令外安排,看看願意學習上課的 人數而定


- Hiking Activity
時 間: 04/16/2011  星期六 早上 9:00 AM- 1:00PM 
地點: Foxboro Park
集合地點:2700 Foxboro Dr. Richardson TX 75082
                 呂德雄 & 巫吉妹的家
尋問地址電話 : 972-234-1732
節目: 9 AM- 10:40 AM Hiking  At Foxboro Park 由 呂先生帶領遊樹林
           11 AM- 12 AM 投影片欣賞哥斯達黎加+咖啡品嚐 + 其他旅遊介紹 於巫吉妹家
           12 Am Home made Lunch  於  巫吉妹家
費 用: 每人5 元

Foxboro Park 在Plano Road and Braeburnl Dr 的交叉口,為了方便預備食物,請儘早給我一個Email 或電話972-922-5255 告知你及家人來參加的人數,謝謝你的參與。
小 孩12歲以下免費參加。
2/15/2011 - 情 人節聚餐

時間: 02/15/2011, 11: 點15分到2點半
Osaka Restaurant - 5012 W.Park Blvd.,Plano, TX 75093, 電話是972-931-8898
費用:  $15 (
包 含飲料與小費)

2011 年 新會長的話

1/22/2011 - 年會 (pictures)

親愛 的姊妹花們與各位朋友 :

達拉 斯台灣婦女會(DTWA)將在122(星期六)舉 辦年會.
, 眼力和 健康也有樣學樣地流失.  体 念大家晚間開車的不便, DTWA 決定作出改變, 我們中午辦年會.

希望大家一定來, 找更多的人來, 理由很簡單, 這也許是DTWA 最後一次的活動了.
過 去為我們帶來了許多的歡樂-----, 真的, 真的希望後繼有人-----, 不要讓它走入歷史.
2011() 年的會長. 期 待有人主動與現任工作人員連絡, 如果妳() 手中, 有 適當的人選, 也請電話推

祝福大家 平安健康 !!!

Date:   January 22, 2011 (Saturday)
Time:  11:30AM
Place:  Japan House
           300 W. Plano Pkwy, Plano, TX 75075
           Tel: 972-633-8000
Cost:    $20.00 USD

報 名:     廖玲芬  972-740-9201; 孫佳惠 972-624-8232; 柯素雅 469-633-1212



10/16/2010 - Komen Race for Cure

Date: Oct. 16, 2010 (Saturday)
North Park Center

2010 Susan G. Komen Dallas Race for Cure is fast approaching. The Race date is Saturday, October 16, 2010 at North Park Center. Our "Team Taiwan" name is registered. For last few year, every year we always have more than 20 people in the team. Hope this year is no exception. It is for a good cause. It is also for your good health. Come to join us.

For details information please click (2010 Race for Cure Information)  or call Chia-whei Hsieh at 972-624-8232.

8/7/2010 - About Photography (pictures) 
Date: August 7, 2010 (Saturday)
Time:  1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Subject:  About Photography
Speaker:  Mr. Walter Hsu
Location:  Home of Tai_Hsin
Westgrove Plaza, 4222 Trinity Mills Road, #290 Dallas, TX 75287
               Change to:  Gladys Harrington Library_(new correct location for the seminar)              
               1501 18th Street , Plano, TX 75074    Tel:  972.941.7175    

Please bring both your camera and spouse/boyfriend to attend this special event. You will learn a lot about photography and become a better camerawoman or cameraman.

5/29/2010 - Health Seminar (pictures) 

Date : May 29, 2010 (Saturday)           

Time : 2 PM to 4:30 PM  
Subject: 醫學疫苗健康講座          

Location :  Christopher Parr Library                           

                 6200 Windhaven Parkway (75093)


Map :

Mark this event on your calendar now and bring your family, relatives, and friends on 5/29/2010 (Saturday)Please let us know if you can attend.

Our speakers is Dr. Clement Hsu (
清曉 醫師)!  Having thorough training in both medical research and clinical fields, he would like to discuss some topics in which you may be interested.

are welcome to email with additional topics of interest relating to immunology, infectious diseases, general internal medicine, and hospital systems.

Do not miss this spectacular chance to have your questions answered !

4/17/2010 - Spring Walk (pictures) 

Our first spring activity "Walk in the Park" will be held on 04/17/2010 Saturday 10:00AM at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.

6701 W Parker Rd, Plano (about 2 miles west of Dallas Tollway)
We will meet at Pavilion area around 10:00AM
The detail trail map is in below link: 

After the walk (around 11:30AM) we will have lunch at DiMassi's Mediterranean Buffer

5220 Belt Line Rd. Addison, TX, One block East from Dallas Tollway (Phone: 972-458-1100)